MY APRS/Packet/Pactor -ssid SETUP


SV1RD portable of mobile Dstar (IC-e92D), packet or Winlink packet & pactor.(used also -7)

SV1RD A SHF D-star mobile

SV1RD B SHF D-star base

SV1RD-1 my Home -ssid used for PIB on HF see.

SV1RD-2 APRS on UHF/9600, WX station, & Igate with Winaprs setup.

SV1RD-9 Mobile APRS on UHF/9600 usually, or VHF/1200 D-700 when local 9600 digi is down.

SV1RD-10 Packet Radio RMS for Winlink on VHF & UHF/9600 see.

SV1RD-11 Digi in my second QTH in Evia (UiDigi), closed due to mr. Ioannidis logic, see. Until now (from 2005) in East Evia only from the top of the hills you have APRS and Rodos isl. is more far away from Athens.

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